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Filter Bubble, fiction or reality?

Lets talk about Internet Privacy, shall we? While government authorities are struggling to define regulation in cyberspace due to its dynamic fast pace nature; the Internet giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like are progressing at the speed of light.

Every time you sign for a new application, most likely you consent to have your information shared with more than one service providers although you think you signed up for one. Internet companies choose to use, sell or share their customer data which sounds absurd, but all of us unknowingly have consented to this.

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Manufactured Consent vs Filter Bubble

Media ownership is heavily debated as it holds the media conglomerates accountable for disseminating censored and filtered information preventing the audience from objective information. Consistently, the literature points that media ownership types have insignificant impact on the news agenda when comparing for example family and state owned agencies. One major difference though is the quality of news production where the large corporations have the funding and thus the comparative advantage in contrast to small local stations. These are no surprise since in general media companies are profit oriented. Determined to please their consumers, tailor-made stories reach the audience instead of objectivity, leading to the formation of biased mis-perceptions such as the story of the Iraqi nuclear weapons possession among the US population.

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