The Impact of Love

Speaking of changes, one issue that never seems to remain static in life is emotions. More specifically, when it comes to love, the interesting part is that people whether or not in a relationship live through the same situation and experience it so differently it seems as if they were never connected at first place.

I got more interested in defining love about a year ago, when I was catching up with my good Irish friend Jane, that was pursuing her dissertation at the time on the Psychology of Love. Her research focused on studying couples that had just decided to get married. Emotion is an incredible factor in decision making, let alone marriage.

The innovative and creative spirit of this project motivated my own research on the topic, and my attention was fully captured by the triangular theory of love. To be honest, my first impression was that this theory was going to be all about love triangles, but on the contrary it describes the different combinations of love levels you can have in a relationship. Commitment, Intimacy and Passion are key to love but do not necessarily coexist.

These three elements, along with my Greek mythology background, inspired me to write a poem trilogy that embodies the notion of the triangular theory of love and its three pillars of in the form of a love triangle between Apollo and two of his nine muses; Melpomene the muse of tragedy and Thalia the muse of music, song and dance:


The intense lines

Of her face

Reveal her disgrace


She gathers up

All her strength

She walks

Down the steps

She looks out

The window

1 word comes

deep from her soul


The air caressed her

Silky hair

No…life without love

Is slow death

She cannot stand the pain.

Gentle waves took her away

A summer night…



Innocence appeared

In the form of beauty

Wandering in a

Colorful garden

Where she met LOVE

You could hear

The flutters of her heart

You could see happiness

In her sparkling eyes

She gave herself

But Love had yet

Been taken by dark thoughts.

A secret was yet

To be revealed

Her heart broke

She picked up her courage

She left behind sorrow

Now walks to find light



It was fate

That gave him the fruit

He rejected honest love

To live the ultimate passion

But he lost love’s compulsion

This arrogance

Broke two hearts

He wasted precious feelings

And his debt is yet to be paid

He will live forever


Anticipating death;

Thoughts will hover

To hunt his mind

But punishment

Is yet to come….


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