Its all Greek to me

It would be hard to imagine a Greek without a perspective on Greece. A lot of theories and comments have been published over the last five years since the country entered the financial crisis. While I believe in the necessity of fiscal reform, I strongly believe the answer to the Greek crisis is in the hands of people. As a result of my academic research, citizen participation is the solution to the Greek Crisis for multiple reasons. Starting from explaining the notion of participatory governance and so forth, to ease communication of this new approach, all articles on this page are written in Greek. Each image below corresponds to my perspective on political, economical or social issues the country is faced with…

If you can read Greek and wish to embark your journey, just click on an image!

Perspectives on Greece

P1050055Εξιλαστήριο θύμα

για άλλη μια φορά η Ελλάδα

Ψωροκώσταινα ή




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ηθικής συμπεριφοράς


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