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Hard Working Gal

Linked In! The contemporary temple of professional image making. People from all age groups around the globe, spend hours inputing information and credentials they did not even remember they had. While the main goal is to get employed, the process of creating a “ranger-profile” is all about becoming the Irresistible You! Continue reading

Filter Bubble, fiction or reality?

Lets talk about Internet Privacy, shall we? While government authorities are struggling to define regulation in cyberspace due to its dynamic fast pace nature; the Internet giants like Google, Facebook, Twitter and the like are progressing at the speed of light.

Every time you sign for a new application, most likely you consent to have your information shared with more than one service providers although you think you signed up for one. Internet companies choose to use, sell or share their customer data which sounds absurd, but all of us unknowingly have consented to this.

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Traditional media: obsolete or compulsory for citizen participation?

Active Voice an organization based in San Francisco leveraging social change by the creative use of film to effectively communicate stories about commonly encountered social problems like racism, environmental issues, or health. This organization mainly embodies the horizontal participation facets, individual, community and cultural, and currently very little digital participation. The organization has online portals that mainly share content but allow limited interaction at the moment. Continue reading

E-governace & Loyalty Schemes

Votizen is a political advocacy site, solely dependent on viral, digital and technological participation, that started out in 2010 at the west coast, in Mountain View, California. The three founders, Dave Binetti, Jason Putorti and Matt Snider aspired to create an online network of citizens – votizens – to take collective action and influence election results using social media. When votizens log on to the platform using their Facebook or Twitter Account, they can see which people in their network support the same political candidate and take the responsibility to prompt these voters to turn in their ballot. Continue reading

Facilitating citizen engagement to improve governance

Code for America is an initiative that was established as a “new non-profit” organization that is a perfect representation of technological participation, where few web developers and technology experts are creating platforms to empower the community. Beyond technological participation, this initiative embodies all participation forms highlighting certain aspects at a time depending on the project. Continue reading