Catching up on blogging and life

Routine. This is what dictates our daily habits. Indeed difficult to tap out of routine but also extremely hard to tap back in. Falling for the art of blogging was instantaneous, however quickly after my return to the homeland I got carried away with adulthood and became a digital lurker.

For two years I observed active bloggers focus on their daily interests, diving in so deep they sometimes responded to my inner thoughts just as if we have always been friends. During my online silence I mastered another aspect of life called Project Management. PM can be life consuming until you find balance.

With a sense of maturity and a broad perspective of blogging activity, this post is to mark the beginning of a new era for this website.


The bridge of Storytelling and Academic Research

In June 2013 an innovative idea was born at the Tufts Institute of the Environment (TIE). For years TIE has been funding cutting edge research and actively supports the advancement of environmental science. However the infamous gap between theory and practice has blocked research results from reaching wider audiences and creating impact beyond the academic bubble.

In the era of social media the evolution of communication is evident and surely creates numerous opportunities for existing practices to be enhanced. Such practice that needs to change is academic research. What if the findings of academic research could be translated in simple language for wider audiences to comprehend? With the goal to leverage the awareness of environmental sustainability issues, the idea to communicate research through social media storytelling was born!

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Generation Y: Claiming the future of Greece

“Well – managed companies want to invest in countries governed by transparency and fair rules,” according to the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. From a corporate governance perspective this statement could not be more explanatory, but six years into the Greek financial crisis, little has been done in this direction. Currently Greece is experiencing economic, political and social turmoil, which discourage local and foreign investments, further damaging the economy.

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The gift of appreciation

Indeed time flies…the past months have been busy jumping across continents, starting a new life, juggling jobs and pursuing new endeavors. Sounds more hectic than exciting, which makes me wonder when was the last time anyone had time to spare or was not “too busy” to evaluate what is happening on a day to day basis?People constantly strive to break the norms, lead a better lifestyle, and safeguard a promising future. What about the simple things that happen each and every second? Modern citizens rarely allow themselves to enjoy plain moments because they  are tangled in a restless effort to meet the social contract they de facto agreed to upon birth. Continue reading